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Mechanical property testing mechines

SHT4106 type microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine


Main function of SHT4106:

Universal testing machine can realize tensile, flatten, bending, flaring, shearing and other tests. It could realize constant rate load control, constant rate deformation control, constant rate displacement control and etc. Fully comply with requirements of ASTM, DIN, ISO, JIS, BS and other test standards.

The testing machine comes with software of PowerTest V3.X, could realize automatic acquisition and processing of test data, and display test data and test curve of stress-strain,  load-deformation, load-time and etc. It can save, output and print test reports and data required by users.

ZBC2302N-3 type automatic metal pendulum impact testing machine


Main function of ZBC2302N-3:

This machine is suitable for measuring the impact resistance of metal materials under dynamic load at room temperature or low temperature, could do impact tests continuously and extensively on metal. It could conduct V notch and U notch test, and display Impact absorbing energy, impact toughness, pendulum rotation angle and other parameters.

WHY-2000 type electro-hydraulic servo tube flattening machine


Main function of WHY-2000:

Electro-hydraulic servo flattening machine to test the ultimate plastic deformation ability of metal tube under given conditions without crack. It is mainly suitable for seamless steel tube and welded metal tube flattening test.Test method according to GB/T246-1997 Metal tube flattening test method.

The flattening testing machine adopts advanced technology such as electro-hydraulic proportional valve set with wide speed range and computer digital control, to constitute a full digital closed loop speed control system. It can automatically and accurately measure and control the whole process of loading and unloading test of flattener. It controlling range is wide, and all operation with keyboard. All kinds of test parameters controlling, measurement, display, processing and printing by computer. With high integration, this machine is reliable and easy to use. 

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